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How to install & operate?


How to Install Blinds

Once you have got the blind as per your need, you need to do the installation of the same.

For outer mount:

Hold the blind so that the head rail of the blind is leveled and centered over the window casing. Make the pencil mark on each side and also make a mark ΒΌ past the end of each rail.

For the Inner mount:

Hold the blind inside the casing. It should be in level even if your window is not. Now make the marks below the head rails.

Fixing Brackets

Hold the ends of the brackets inside the pencil marks. One of the open side of the bracket should face you and the second one must face the center of the window. Bracket door should be placed facing inside the room. Now make the markings for the holes. The holes should be in level so that the brackets are in even position.Now drill the holes according to the size of the screws available with the brackets.

Attaching valance and head rail

In order to attach the valance to the head rail, the valance clips are used. Valance covers the head rail to make it look beautiful. These valance clips are fixed over the front of the head rail before it is fixed into the bracket Once you have adjusted the valance, now fix the head rail over the bracket. Make sure you open the gate of the bracket before you fix the head rail into it. Also place the valance along with the head rail. Place them over the valance clips. Press the valance gently so that it is snapped and fixed in the valance clips.If the blinds have wand to operate the blind then do fix it as well.