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Wood Look

To add close to nature look to your room, these blinds will be the perfect choice. The elegantly woven weaves with the wooden looks adds natural feel and comfort. (Read more)



The wavy lines woven in the textured fabric gives your living space a subtle looks with privacy. The fabric is crafted in horizontal slats that stacks smoothly occupying minimum space adding completeness to your room (Read more)



A garden like print on the fabric with flowers and butterflies around are best for kid's room or for the nature lovers. These can be stacked in the floppy structure and offer some control over light when pulled down (Read more)



For richer looks, these blinds are silver coloured circles painted on the textured fabric that gives a fusion of tradition with modern looks allowing translucent light and privacy. These are stacked on the window in floppy structure. (Read more)



For those who want a mix of design and pattern and some privacy light control in one blind then these will definitely be their first choice. With the blend of shades and designs in floppy slats these are worth setting your mood (Read more)



With the embossed flowers carefully woven in the fabric and finely placed in slats that stack in minimum space on the top of the window, these Blinds will surely add life and complete privacy to your living space. (Read more)



These blinds are offered in a sheer, fine net like fabric that offers minimum light control adds an elegant looks to the space. The blinds is finely stacked in slats to give the smooth finish to the blind and perfect finish to the room (Read more)


Luna Blackout

A continuous drop shape like patterns on the blinds that looks like a joining drops that is stacked in equal slats over your window adding a regal looks to your space. (Read more)



For royal looks of the room, these blinds are perfectly designed with metallic finish with embossed patterns. The fabric is crafted in perfect horizontal slats that gives a graceful finish to the blinds and elegance to your living space. (Read more)



These blinds are made of a thick fabric woven with rich designs to give your space a tradition and royal looks These blinds gives a perfect light control option from an equal horizontal slats with fine finish (Read more)



The oval shapes printed on the lightweight fabric that will add a weightless feel to your room. The roman style blinds offers horizontal slats in equal sizes the gives the window a perfect finish and class to your space (Read more)



Fine lustrous material with a royal touch crafted in horizontal slats gives a smooth and fine weave at one side and a coarser finish at the rear end. These gives a blend of tradition with modern finish to the space. (Read more)



Lines jumbled together in a nest like pattern woven on the fine net that give a modern feel to your room bringing it closer to nature. These are crafted smoothly on the horizontal slats to giing fine finish to the blind (Read more)



Fine textured fabric with woven waves will truly carry your imagination to a different world. The horizontal slats offers you control over light and privacy in your living space (Read more)



A two way fabric that has multi color wavy lines in a horizontal flair on the front end and has plain smooth finish at the rear end. The blinds is stacked in equal horizontal slats for fine finish to the window. (Read more)



Like zebra blinds they are designed with dark and light combination of fabric in a vertical fashion. The material light giving you a feel of a feather. These blinds offer smooth and contemporary looks to your room (Read more)


Alps Foam

The blinds are designed with the fabric that has a leather like touch in a solid shades or lines finish that gives a fine feel in the room. Stacked in a floppy form these offers you high privacy and light control. (Read more)



The animal print on the blind like the body of the tallest animal- giraffe, woven in the fine net fabric offers a lively looks to your room. These blinds are designed in horizontal slats fashion (Read more)



A shining fabric that adds luster to your room is woven together in a pattern that gives a warm woolen looks. These fine equal slats compliments with your interiors giving it a classy look (Read more)



An embossed leaf prints woven on the fine fabric to give your space a contemporary looks and controlled light effect. The fabric is carefully stacked on horizontal slats for perfect movement of the blinds and moods of your room (Read more)


Texture Screen

A textured fabric weaved in a mat like finish that adds a subtle looks to your living space. These blinds are crafted in horizontal slats from that stacks finely on the top of your window occupying minimum possible space (Read more)


Animal Farm

To give a unique looks to your kids’ room you can choose these blinds. They are designed in floppy slats with prints of various farm animals. These comes in bright colors that can give the room a colorful and friendly look.(Read more)



A suede fabric with mono color option gives your window an elegant looks and a comfortable feel to your living space. The blinds are finely designed in horizontal slats that stack in minimum space on the top of your window (Read more)



To add glamour with royal look to your room these blinds are designed on a PVC material with the highlighted velvet pattern. These blinds gives a blackout option in a equal horizontal slats with fine finish (Read more)



Designed with highlighted contemporary patterns, these blinds are worth giving your room a complete make over (Read more)



The highlighted floral pattern woven on the blinds are worth to give your room a lovely looks and complete control over light and privacy. These blinds are stacked in floppy structure using minimum space allowing full light to flow in. (Read more)



Lined patterns of dark or contrast shades set smoothly on lighter background of the blinds gives a casual yet classy looks with your interiors. The blackout finish of the blinds are best suitable for the places where daylight is not preferred. (Read more)