Triple Shades Window Blinds Collinear Net and Fabric Blackout and Translucent Iivin Blinds

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Blinds For Your Window - COLLINEAR BLINDS

American Style

The american range blinds for window have water proof fabric that adds charm to the room and helps create a contemporary look. (Read more)


Euro Style

Blinds for window in the Euro Range have fine but a coarse tissue like fabric to enhance the look of the space and provides light and temperature control. (Read more)


Fiona Texture Style

The exclusive extension of fiona style is the fiona texture range of blinds for window. These blinds have textured fabric made up of fibrous materials for longer life span. (Read more)


Fiona Style

Fiona style blinds for window helps you add a glamorous touch to your room. The horizontal alignment of weaves add a symmetrical element to the whole look. (Read more)