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Cancellations and Refunds

Because our products are custom made to your exact specifications, they are not suitable for resale in the ordinary course of business. Therefore, it is important that you are sure of your decisions before you finalize your purchase. Below are some points about how we handle cancellations and changes:

Since production typically starts the morning after the order is placed, cancellations and changes can only be made for a period of 12 hours after your online order is finalized.

If you cancel your order during this 12 hour period, we will refund your money.

Under no circumstance can we either refund any money or issue any credits for a credit card purchase if the cancellation or change occurs at any time beyond this 12 hour period.

On extremely rare occasions there may be delays caused by out-of-stock materials, shipping delays, temporary factory overload, holidays, or other factors beyond our control. In the event of a known delay and a manufacturer notifies us, you will be contacted that day.

We reserve the right to reject any order, at our discretion.

Mode of the Refund will be the same as the mode of the payment which will credit as NEFT Transation with in 10 working days

After the product delivery no return will be provided