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Posted on February 26, 2016 | Window blinds, Window blinds in variety of styles, Neutral shades, Light shade interiors, High quality blinds, All type blinds, Blinds manufacturer

Go neutral this summer with livin blinds

As the summer sets in, it calls for the light and neutral shades to keep ourselves cool and light. While we turn on our ACs and look for light shade interiors, it's time to change the window blinds to light and neutral colours. Livin Blinds offers wide range of light coloured window blinds in variety of styles that gel perfectly with your d

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Posted on February 25, 2016 | Home decor, interior design, Home decor ideas

The home decor store we wish we could live in

One look at the eclectic collection of pieces at the newest outpost of residential decor showroom Coveted Home, and you've a feeling you're not in Kansas (City) anymore. "There's a very heavy traditional slant here in town, but I don't like stuffy or highly manicured interiors," says shop founder, principal, and Missou

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Posted on February 23, 2016 | Window Blinds, High Quality Blinds, Blinds Manufacturer, All Type Blinds, Perfect Window Blinds, Window Decor Ideas

Idea of custom fit your blinds for perfect style

As there are various types of windows which serve different purpose so does their size vary? For the perfect window décor a standard size may not fit on all types. Of course no one prefers the peeping sun ray that hits straight to the eyes or the extra size that extends far away from the window. To get the perfect size you need to get th

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Posted on February 22, 2016 | Window blinds,Window coverings,Cellular blinds,Window Decoration Ideas, Window Treatment, Window Decor, Home decor ideas, Window blinds, All type blinds

Window masquerade solves a problematic view

Wouldn't it be nice if every room of every place had a view? Let's face it, not every house, condo or townhouse has a perfect view. In an urban environment, some views may face the wall of a building next door, an interior courtyard or the less than appealing roof of an adjacent building topped with unsightly equipment such as air co

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Posted on February 16, 2016 | Window Blinds, High Quality Blinds, Blinds Manufacturer, All Type Blinds, Room Decor, Roman blinds

Welcome autumn in your room with Livin Blinds

Its time for autumn. From the trees to the roads and gardens you will see leaves all over. At the same time the sun will be harsh too. It is  the beauty of the season. Lets welcome autumn in our room but not the glaring sun. Try the leaf roman blinds from livin. The leaf pattern will give a special looks while blinds will hold the sun outs

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Posted on February 15, 2016 | Window Decoration Ideas, Window Treatment, Window Decor, Home decor ideas, Window blinds, Roman shades, All type blinds

Bay window decoration ideas to know

A bay window is a window space that projects from the main wall of a room and creates a unique shaped bay on the inside. Bay windows are usually used in contemporary homes as a part of innovative and stylish home decor ideas. Decorating a bay window gives a unique charm to the entire room along with an explicit view of the outside area.Bay wind

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Posted on February 12, 2016 | Happy valentines day f

Happy valentines day all of you from livin blinds

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Posted on February 11, 2016 | Collinear blinds, UV rays, Harsh sun rays, Protect furnishings, Window treatment, Window Blinds, High quality blinds, All type blinds

Don't let the harsh sun damage your furnishings: Try collinear blinds from Livin

As the sun gets harsher day by day the harmful ultraviolet rays will not only damage your skin, but are equally harmful for your interiors. The rays can fade away the colours of your furnishings making them look dull and gloomy. Try collinear blinds from Livin. They not only give a style statement to your space but, will give privacy and shield

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Posted on February 09, 2016 | Window coverings, Window treatments, Roller blinds, Window blinds, Home decor, High Quality Blinds, All Type Blinds

Solving problems with window coverings

Considerations such as house orientation, proximity to neighbours, size of windows and noise levels are all significant. Of course there are many varied solutions, but I have indicated what I believe to be the best options here. Keep in mind that double glazed windows greatly contribute to the effectiveness of many window trea

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Posted on February 08, 2016 | Window blinds, Cellular blinds, High quality blinds, Blinds manufacturer, All type blinds, Blinds showroom, Window treatments, Cellular blinds from Livin

Is the chill outside freezing you? Try cellular blinds

When the chilling winds from outside shakes our nerves, we wish to stay inside and close all doors and windows to maintain the temperature. But at times this is not enough. The window treatments like curtains or drapes do not prove to be of much help. The chilled temperature still manage to reduce the balance of our rooms. The perfect option in

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Posted on February 05, 2016 | Home decor Ideas, Tips for a better home office, Home treatment

Home work: 10 tips for building a better home office

Life in the 21st century has its perks. One of those is to be able to work from virtually anywhere. If you’ve successfully convinced your boss to let you log more hours from home this year, you’ll want a killer workspace to match. Don’t let your home office become the dumping ground for all unwanted furniture and déc

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Posted on February 04, 2016 | Window Blinds, High Quality Blinds, Blinds Manufacturer, All Type Blinds, Single hung windows, Double hung windows, Casement windows, Awning windows, Transom windows, Picture windows, Slider windows, Stationary windows, Bay windows

Variety of windows for your home

The window is an extraordinary opening in a room. It plays a key part in the structure of the room. Not any kind of window can fit in any room. Before we pay special attention to the window treatment let us first understand the sort of windows that we can have in our homes or workplaces. Single hung windows: These sorts of windows have tw

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Posted on February 03, 2016 | Blinds from Livin, Window Treatment, High Quality Blinds, Window Blinds, All Type Blinds

Day sleepers? Try blackout blinds from Livin

Because of the night shifts and unusual working hours most of us have to sleep during the day. But, the glare of the daylight makes it tough to have a good sleep. Livin offers a range of blackout blinds that are designed for handling the situation. The blackout blinds can hold upto 99% of the light back giving complete darkness in the room. Jus

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Posted on February 02, 2016 | Window Treatment, Trends and Styles, Traditional Curtains, Cellular Blinds, Shades and Blinds, Roman Shades, All Type Blinds, Window Blinds, High Quality Blinds

7 Window treatment trends and styles

Anytime of year is the perfect time to rethink your window dressing. Whether you prefer simple treatments that won’t stop the eye or draperies that demand attention, there’s a trend this season to suit your style. Check out these seven ideas for inspiration. Repurpose Sheets and Tablecloths Savvy stylemakers have been in on

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