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Posted on January 09, 2017 | collinear blinds, natural light controlling, interior space, space, amount of light, control, flexible, livin blinds, comfort.

Opacity Controller Blinds

In early days, to transform a space into a workable or liveable place, one only needed 4 walls and basic furniture. But nowadays it takes some more things that really attach us to our place. Various accessories are added in interiors which makes it feel cosier and much connecting from the person's heart. Every accessory, somewhere or the ot

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Posted on January 06, 2017 | white, livin blinds, elite, classiness, interior designing, architectural styles.

White Sight

They say that life without different colours is incomplete, but we believe that if white was not there in the first place then other hue would never show off themselves because whites makes all the colours look vibrant and prettier. Even the famous White House which was designed in the Neoclassical and Palladian era of architecture defines &quo

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Posted on January 05, 2017 | Livin blinds, panel blinds, luna blackout, texture, windows, window covering, partition

The cooling effect

Panel Blinds has something so unique about it, which differentiates it from all the other blinds. One of its major reasons is its various kinds of pleasing textures, especially its LUNA BLACKOUT texture which is in the shape of the water droplets. Hence, psychologically it gives a cool feeling around the environment and also intimidates the eff

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Posted on January 04, 2017 | Interior Accessory, Manual, Livin Blinds, Clients, Designers

Manual Mechanism

In 21st century as the time is passing by, people are looking for more easy and censored centralised options, but the importance a manual mechanism can never be contradicted with upcoming technologies. We all are aware that how technologies has transformed our lives for better, but it has also stricken us to ease and comfort where we are more d

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Posted on January 03, 2017 | Lighter Shades, Livin Blinds, Residentially, Commercially, Day-Light, All Types of Blinds, Space

Let The Light Speak!

Nature-connect is the prime reason that we could survive today in this era where most of the people live submissively. But when they come out and blush themselves in front of nature, they revive. But what when we are at homes or offices! Generally, every room needs a certain amount of day-light which connects you to the nature and also save the

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Posted on January 02, 2017 | Livin Blinds, Roman Blinds, Manual Mechanism, Motorised Mechanism, Cosiness, Bower Your Windows, Interior Spaces

Stiffener Blinds

Interior designing is one of the developing industries in India nowadays. Earlier it was more in architectural form in other countries and bit in India. But then, with growing standard of living, grew the need to design and decoration interiors. It is now getting up in the nerves of every industry, be it commercial or residential. Therefore LIV

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